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still chasing

musings of a glittergirl

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aquarius. destined for greatness or madness. queen of cups. eeyore. the mean reds. tinkerbell. "she is the starchaser who doesn't realize, she is the star she is chasing." glittergirl. redhead. dreamer. palm reader. quaker. "one day whilst sitting on the mind of my moon, i noticed an inscription in the crater of my dreams that said: the starchaser was here." poet- beat beyond belief. actress. "true love, max. he said 'true love.'" oklahoma to new york city to paris to LA. sugarfoot. "that star can twinkle." actress. "this life is not a dress rehersal." princess summer fall winter spring.

Tarot Cards
queen of cups
"she is the starchaser who doesn't realize she is the star she is chasing."
Divinatory Meanings: It is the card of contradiction & searching. The creative vs the practical, emotions vs intelligence. This card indicates the desire to find a balance in ones life that has not yet been attained
Reversed: immobility; stagnation; finding oneself stuck in a situation, but unable to change
aquarius: destined for greatness or madness; walking the fine line between the two.

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